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Environmental Performance And Responsible Corporate Governance: An Empirical Note

Voicu D. Dragomir

Incorporating eco-sustainability criteria into the corporate agenda means assigning the natural environment such attributes as power, legitimacy, urgency and proximity. The complexity and interconnectedness of global ecosystems make it difficult for managers to determine specific impacts on these systems; but that is only an excuse for trivial sustainability reporting and dubious triple-bottom-line assessments. And it is the very relationship between accountability in the form of disclosure and ‘shareholder value’ that has kept the business-case controversy alive.

Environmental Kuznets Curve – A Tie between Environmental Quality and Economic Prosperity

Jiří Mazurek

In 1954 Simon Kuznets, an American economist of Russian origin and 1971 Nobel laureate, suggested a following idea: as per capita income in a given country increases, income unequality also increases, but after some turning point it starts declining. This relationship is often demonstrated by an inverted U-shape curve – Kuznets Curve.