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Pojištění vývozních úvěrů v současné ekonomické situaci

Arnošt Böhm, Kristýna Tůmová

Credit insurance market is today one of the important segments of domestic, European and world insurance market. As most economies face downturn as well as does the international trade, credit insurance is used intensively, mainly the state supported part. It may be an instrument of support of bank credit activities financing the international trade and therefore an obvious impulse that turns the entrepreneurs onto increase of their business activities. Long-term process of unification of forms… více

Analýza dlouhodobých vazeb na českém trhu úvěrů

Daniel Stavárek, Pavla Vodová

Successful transformation of the financial system in any transition country is essential precondition for efficient transformation of the whole economy. The financial system in the Central European countries is traditionally based on banks and credit market. Therefore, we see the necessity for modelling of the credit market and assessment of the factors that determine development of the credit market. The aim of the paper is to analyze long-run relationships in the Czech Republic’s credit… více

Vzájemné postoje malých podniků a úřadů místní správy z pohledu relationship marketingu (výsledky empirického výzkumu)

Růžena Lukášová, Alena Klapalová

Small enterprises, as the results of studies aimed at finding out the level of marketing implementation in the practice of this type of enterprises show, still use marketing techniques to a small degree. This is caused by the fact that the instruments provided by traditional transaction marketing are not cost-effective and also of little use for them. On the other hand, relationship marketing as an attitude based on purposeful establishment and maintaining of relationships with customers and… více

Vizualizace vícerozměrných dat symbolovými grafy

Jaroslav Myslivec, Hana Skalská

Visualization of multidimensional data is presented here as a tool for displaying quantitative content of data. The aim of visualization methods is to arrange information about the data file in such a way that new visual information is descriptive and informative enough and able to communicate ideas easily and intuitively. With the using of graphical information it is possible to reach more profound understanding of the data and derive relevant information and knowledge from the data. This… více

Modelování kvality života pomocí rozhodovacích stromů

Jiří Křupka, Miloslava Kašparová, Pavel Jirava

This paper presents one of the possibilities of the decision theory that can be used in the modelling of the quality of life in a given city in the Czech Republic. Real data sets of citizen questioners for the city of Chrudim were analysed, pre-processed, and used in the model. This model is defined as classification model and it uses algorithms used in decision trees. A decision tree is a predictive model which can be used to represent both classifiers and regression models. In operations… více

The Evolution of the Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms of V4 Countries

Ľudmila Bartóková

Monetary policy measures cannot directly affect the economy. Their impact is usually indirect and mediated through various channels of monetary transmission. The choice of particular transmission mechanism is determined by several factors that include the specific conditions of each economy, the range of monetary tools that can be used by central bank as well as the various external factors. The paper explains the functioning of a monetary transmission in general, and then focuses on the… více

The Ownership Form of Hospitals from the Viewpoints of Economic Theory...

Juraj Nemec, Beáta Meričková, Jana Štrangfeldová

The marketization of public services, among them health care service aims at a continuous increase in public expenditure efficiency, continual improvements in public services quality, the implementation of the professional management tools in the public sector and developing the plurality system of ownership forms in public service delivering – privatization in public services. Redefinition of the roles of the state and private providers, privatization in health care became a central theme of… více

Lokalizační faktory malého a středního podnikání v podmínkách ekonomiky ČR

Milan Damborský, René Wokoun

The first location theories are based on assumptions of perfect competition (e.g. J. H. von Thünen, A. Weber). These theories build fundaments for other classic or modern theories of location decision-making process. Modification of location theory was realized after deconstruction of assumptions of perfect competition (e.g. Hotelling´s model, A. Lösch). The key point of the location service sector theory is the central places theory (W. Christaller). The influence of French background is… více

A Multicriteria Decision Making at Portfolio Management

Jaroslav Charouz, Jaroslav Ramík

The article deals with an application of the methodology of Analytic Hierarchy process (AHP) and also its newly developed modification named FVK at portfolio management. The method AHP was published already in 1980s whereas FVK is a newly created tool enlarging application possibilities of the AHP. Both methods provide a mathematical support to human decision making process in many areas. They can be supportive for decision making in problems like buying a new car, buying a house, which could… více

The Rational Operation of the Urban Transport Line Network by Minimisation ...

Jan Daněk, Miroslav Plevný, Dušan Teichmann

The construction of the urban transport line network is one of the fundamental problems in the traffic practice. Efficient functioning of the public mass transportation supported from the public sources in the towns is more urgent at present, when the individual automobile traffic leads to congestions in central parts of the cities. The demand to increase the culture of travelling in the public mass transportation requires, however, substantial costs. Therefore it is necessary to solve the… více
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