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New Articles – Marketing and Trade

Extended model of mobile shopping acceptance: An empirical study of consumer behaviour

Robert Stefko, Beata Gavurova, Maria Olearova, Radovan Bacik, Lubomir Nebesky

Although the popularity of mobile commerce is on the rise, mobile shopping is still not widely accepted in Slovakia. Therefore, research and knowledge in this area is insufficient. Based on two research models which explain human behavior (theory of reasoned action) and how the user accepts new technologies (technology acceptance model), the presented study proposes and tests a conceptual model combining the mentioned models and new, stimulating factors (customized offers and price benefits) in…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-5-002 more

Optimising public transport to increase tourist flows

Tomas Burda, Veronika Zidova, Tetiana But

The paper proposes ways to optimise public transport in order to increase tourist flows to four well-known tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, namely Český Krumlov, Jánské Lázně, Lednice and Macocha, during the spring and autumn seasons. It was found that the quality of public transport infrastructure needed to be improved if tourist flows were to increase. It has been found that tourism development is entirely dependent on the quality of transport infrastructure in order to achieve an…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-4-011 more

Discovering the mindsets of the luxury recycling phenomenon

Ardita Todri, Petraq Papajorgji

This study focuses on two main luxury items recycling issues. First, understanding customers’ attitudes toward recycling luxury items via e-business and second, discovering e-platforms configurations used. This study considers as input parameters consumers’ age and gender. Thus, an online survey implementing a mind genomics experiment was delivered to 4,320 international consumers regardless of whether they have experienced or not recycling luxury items via e-commerce channels. Only 3,624…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-3-011 more

The competitive advantage of enterprises from the customer perspective

Vanda Maráková, Anna Wolak-Tuzimek, Marzanna Lament, Lenka Dzúriková

The ability to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the long term is one of the most valuable abilities of a company in the modern economy. Companies strive to achieve a competitive advantage in order to be recognised by customers, which is expected to lead to increased revenues and profits. It is important to choose factors serving to achieve a competitive advantage. More desirable are factors that are difficult to copy by competitors and adapted to the opinions and needs of…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-3-010 more

Who Are Online Grocery Shoppers?

Radka Bauerová, Halina Starzyczná, Šárka Zapletalová

The acceleration of the digitalisation of grocery shopping is an important trend that shows that this way of sourcing groceries is increasingly accepted by customers. Uncovering, understanding, and describing the differences between online grocery shoppers is interesting from a scientific point of view and a practical one. Correctly targeting a specific customer segment increases the very effectiveness of marketing communication by spending the cost of communicating with those correctly…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-1-011 more

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