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New Articles – Business Administration and Management

Employee Attitude to Organisational Change in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Peter Karácsony, Zdenko Metzker, Tihana Vasic, Judit Petra Koltai

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic affects the daily operation of organisations, which also brings changes in the life of their workforce. Managing organisational change has been a significant challenge for organisations for several decades. The aim of the research is to assess the behaviour of affected employees toward organisational change. It is examined how different groups of employee’s experience change in general and what they think about organisational change. Furthermore, it…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-1-006 more

Education vs. Entrepreneurship – Between Theory and Practice: The Case of SMEs in Poland

Andrzej Janowski, Olga Gonchar, Ruslan Yakovyshyn

The complexity of issues related to entrepreneurial activity is reflected in the discourse in the world of economic sciences that has been continuing for over 200 years. Nowadays, the development of organizational management environment is more and more extensive and, as well as in other highly developed countries, the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland plays a fundamental role in the economy. Yet, there are rising concerns towards the entrepreneurial education direction in…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-1-007 more

Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance within Telecommunications Industry during the New Normal Era

Afdol Muftiasa, Lili Adi Wibowo, Ratih Hurriyati, Agus Rahayu

In the post COVID-2019 era, companies are making a variety of changes to boost their performance. Companies need to understand that rivalry is for physical and intangible assets, such as intellectual capital, when they want to thrive and succeed in the market. Research on the relationship between intellectual capital and firm performance has become a study that has received wide attention from researchers from various disciplines. The purpose of this research was to analyze how intellectual…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2023-1-008 more

The essence and barriers to the use of controlling in the practice of manufacturing enterprises

Marek Potkany, Hussam Musa, Jarmila Schmidtova, Pavol Gejdos, Janka Grofcikova

The theory, but also examples from practice confirm the fact that the use of controlling in economic practice differs significantly in the context of understanding its essence. The ambiguity of the definition of controlling, two different thought concepts, the diversity of tools and approaches, but also other barriers prevent its use to a greater extent than this managerial approach would deserve. The current research is based on the understanding of the essence of controlling in German…

DOI (& full text): doi.org/10.15240/tul/001/2024-5-009 more

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